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Our experienced crew carefully packs and moves large estates from all over the country.  We have picked up estates from as far away as Alabama, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Maine, and Wisconsin… just to name a few.  We have mastered the art of safely moving collections, with extremely low loss (less than 1%, which is great when handling so much glass).  Packing your items can usually be done in a single day.  Costs for packing/moving/cleaning are included in your quoted commission percentage, so you won’t have added charges for this service.  Consignment percentage is based on whether you will be delivering your collection to us, or if we will be packing and/or moving your items.  You will receive a copy of your individual contract before any services are rendered.


Packing:  We provide everything needed to pack your collections/estates.  Using the best packing materials and stackable storage totes, we carefully and efficiently pack your items for minimal impact while moving.


Moving:  We furnish the van, trucks, and trailers to move your items and deliver them to the auction gallery.  We then carefully unpack, sort, and lot each item.


Cleaning:  We clean every item, if needed, before it goes to auction.  There is no need to dust or scrub your items before we receive them.


Catalog/Photography:  After cleaning and sorting your items, we then catalog, number, and professionally photograph every piece.  *Sometimes, in the event of common items, we will sell in group lots together.


Display/Online:  Your items will then be placed safely on display (behind glass) inside the auction gallery until auction day.  Photos of your items will also be available online for preview.  We also share many video previews on social media.


Auction Day:  Your items will be sold in numeric order, where we average around 100 lots per hour.  Each lot photo will be displayed on a large screen over the auctioneering podium for buyers to view.  One of our presenters will also physically display your item for buyers to view/inspect until the auctioneer says SOLD.  It will then leave our possession, going to the buyer.  Some items will sell to online or absentee bidders, in which case we will be responsible for all shipping/handling.


Payment:  Consignment checks are normally sent out to seller within one week.  Sellers will also receive a copy of the clerking sheets with each lot listed.


Estate Appraisals:  Randy also offers estate appraisal services.  You can contact him via email or phone, and he will get back with you.  He can generally give appraisals using only your photos.

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