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Randy’s History

His appreciation of fine things started at a very young age.  As a child, Randy Clark would study the large New Martinsville pressed vases on his grandmother’s mantle, learning every little detail in the pattern.  He began collecting around the age of 13 or 14.  He found his treasures by digging up old dump sites behind farm houses near his home in the Morgan County, Ohio area.  These farms were left abandoned by their previous owners when the coal company came through the area to strip mine.  At first, Randy collected mostly old fruit jars, bottles, and other glass findings.  Around the age of 15 he began attending auctions with neighbors who collected antiques.  His interest grew as he learned.  He began selling nightcrawlers and helped neighbors harvest hay to raise money.  He used this hard-earned cash to purchase things like depression glass, Zanesville pottery, carnival glass, and more.  Today, Randy collects a wide variety of antiques, glassware, pottery, etc.  You can view a beautiful array of his treasured Royal Bonn pottery on display at the auction gallery.  All from his personal collection, he will happily talk with you about Royal Bonn’s fascinating history.

In 1973, when Randy was 19 years old, he hired an auctioneer to hold a sale for him.  Following the auction, he spoke with the gentleman at length about the process of becoming an auctioneer.  Where did he attend school? How did he obtain his license? etc.  Randy went on to serve his 2-year apprenticeship under this very auctioneer, Terry Mallett.  He then obtained his own license to auctioneer in 1975.

Randy began auctioneering weekly at Connels Danceland near Caldwell, Ohio.  Every Thursday evening was an auction, followed by square dances on Saturday nights.  He was also working full-time as a machinist during those years.

In 1985, with the support of his parents, Ralph and Jolene Clark, and his brother and sister-in-law, Larry and Linda Clark, Randy began searching for a facility to hold his own auctions.  Nearly two years into the search, in 1987 he purchased a large brick schoolhouse on seven acres from the Noble County School system.  At this Dexter City property, in May 1988, he held his first auction inside the old gymnasium.  The main building of the schoolhouse, which held classrooms, was transformed into an antique mall later that same year. This multi-level treasure trove eventually hosted 75 vendors, with a long waiting list.  The Dexter City Antique Mall was in operation for 15 years, closing when Randy’s partner, Mark, fulfilled his dream of becoming an RN.  Now Randy auctioneers full time.


About Us

Randy Clark is a graduate of the Reppert School of Auctioneering, Board Member/Treasurer of Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America, and active member of the National Imperial Glass Collectors Society.  Randy taught classes on antiques, collecting, and auctions at Marietta College.  In the 1980s and 1990s also wrote “Attic Treasuresâ€, a weekly column in the Marietta Times.  He has been the owner/auctioneer of the Dexter City Auction Gallery, located in the old Dexter City Schoolhouse (Ohio), for 30+ years.

“I have the best auction crew in Southeastern Ohio working with me.  That’s the reason we have been so successful.â€

The Randy Clark family and crew strive to continually improve and update the facility, while streamlining the auction process. Dexter City Auction Gallery was the first in this region to catalog every sale.  We typically hold auctions every 6-8 weeks, year-round.  We sell an average of 100 lots per hour to maintain enthusiasm on sale day.  Our pieces have set record prices in many different categories.  We specialize in glass collections, estates, antiques, and most importantly creating a great experience for our buyers and sellers.

We have a professional, efficient, helpful, and courteous staff… but don’t forget also fun and friendly.  We always enjoy a good laugh at our expense.  We form lasting friendships with our buyers and sellers, striving to make every experience a personal one.  We may not remember your name, but we will always remember a friendly face.

We are centrally located, not far from Interstate 77.  We are 2 hours southeast of Columbus, 2 hours south of Akron, 2 hours southwest of Pittsburgh, and 2 hours north of Charleston, WV.  So, although we are in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, we are within 2 hours of a population with over 3 million residents.


Reviews From Social Media

Francis J:  Randy has terrific auctions with great people working with him.  Excellent items, well described, love attending his auctions!


Tony T:  Thank you Dexter City Auction and Randy Clark for a great weekend!  Everything went smoothly from setup, preview, presentation and bidding.  The staff was polite, respectful, and smiled.  This place is a finely tuned machine.


Linda B:  Randy is very knowledgeable, helpful, and honest.  I’d recommend him to conduct an auction.  Also, the items available at his auctions are varied, quality merchandise.


Melissa S:  This is one of the best auctions around.  Plenty of seating and great food.  Items to be auctioned are displayed neatly and orderly.


Carolyn G:  Randy – great auction experience – GREAT service – excellent staff – job well done.  Highly recommend.


Chuck D:  Randy, thank you for being so welcoming and kind.  Very organized, clean, and professional staff.


Dwight U:  Great auction house and a great auctioneer.  He taught me how to be a good auctioneer.


Myrna A:  Very nice.  Great people!  I don’t miss one.  Love it.  Thank you Mr. Clark.


Kyoko Y:  Great auction house.  Auctioneer is very kind.  Excellent!


Miriam B:  The BEST auction house ever and the BEST auctioneer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!


Everyone is welcome… we hope you’ll join us.

“Do what you wanna do.

It’s only money.

I think I would.

Isn’t that a honey?â€


Our Crew

When you are here on auction day you will likely not only meet Randy, but a couple other fine auctioneers.  Ed Williams and Ryan Beardsley run their own respective auction companies, and both bring their individually unique flair to our auctions.  They help provide a great auction experience and there’s never a dull moment!

The next generation of fine auctioneers are also just getting started within Randy Clark & Associates Auctioneers.  Dakota Keene and Caleb Poling have been sale managers for Randy the past several years.  They are now working on their respective apprenticeships to become licensed auctioneers themselves.  You have seen Caleb as Randy’s “right hand man†clerking beside him at the podium on sale day.  Dakota is always on the floor during auctions; assisting the crew, helping buyers, and troubleshooting anything that comes up.  Up and coming auctioneer Chuck Nonnenmacher is also currently serving his apprenticeship under Randy.

Lois Briggs and CC Hardman are our friendly cashiers.  You will meet them when you register for a bid card or settle your bill at the end of the sale.  Lois has worked with Randy 30 years, starting out as a cashier at the antique mall, she quickly moved on to clerking and internet tasks before becoming auction cashier.  CC has been involved in the Fenton world since the late 90s and has worked with Randy since 2014.  We also sometimes have an awesome substitute cashier, Angie Williams, who fills in whenever one of our ladies can’t be here.  Angie has been cashiering auctions for several years.

Dexter City Auction Gallery

130 Jefferson Street (St.Rt. 821)
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